57 North Street

Suite 419
Danbury, Connecticut 06810


Christopher Sorenson is a graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Social Work with over twenty-five years of experience across a wide variety of health care settings.  He has worked in inpatient and outpatient psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment programs assisting all populations in the development of strategies to address and resolve emotional conflict and problematic behaviors.

Christopher’s practice style is focused on establishing a therapeutic environment conducive to clients feeling comfortable to address their concerns as they develop coping strategies.  The initial phase of treatment identifies the goals to be accomplished in ongoing therapy.
Christopher’s theoretical approach begins with comprehensive assessment, and is focused toward cognitive behavioral therapy based on using self-understanding and mindfulness to address problem solution and long-term change.  Special attention is given to preexisting conditions related to management of mental health issues.
Christopher works with groups, individuals, couples, and families with an awareness of stage of life dynamics and constructive goals.  His specialties include mood, personality, and substance disorders, changing addictive and problematic behaviors, legal problems, relational issues and family conflict, as well as wellness based on self-understanding and awareness.